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Caren's Cocina is Back!

A big shoutout and thank you to the faithful few of you who have stuck with me on Facebook! Since the passing of my beloved Mr. Fluffy, I needed to come up with a

new name for my Instagram account, and soon realized I already had a name since

mrfluffy_and_friends was already connected to my Caren's Cocina Facebook account.

So, this blog is renewed, revamped, and refreshed. I'll add some new recipes soon, and

since I keep writing books nobody's read, I've added a section called My Stories. There

you'll find stories I've written, some inspirational, others not so much, but that I will hope

you'll enjoy. I'm still learning my way around this blogging site and hoping to start a newsletter, but so far I haven't figured out how to mail it! As soon as I do, I'll let you know. Until then, dear readers, I hope this website will entertain as well as inspire you.


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