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Teachable Moments: Theological Moments From the World's Most Familiar Prayer by Johnny White

Full disclosure: I am not a spiritual person. Oh, I try to be--have tried for 40 years or so. I get books about prayer or Bible studies, and I determine to read them. And I do--sorta. I begin reading, but something distracts me, and my mind wanders. I realize I've read the same paragraph five times. Or three pages, but I have no idea what I read. Or, worst of all, I doze off.<br /><br />Not so with this book! The author has a voice that makes you feel like he's sitting on your couch across your coffee table, and you're discussing The Lord's Prayer (or The Our Father) the way you'd be discussing the latest book you read. I found myself nodding in agreement, or saying aloud, "Now I never thought of that!" <br /><br />It's a short book, but I read it one chapter at a time so I could savor it. This is a book you'll come back to time and again, treasuring the many "teachable moments."

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