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Welcome to! I’m Caren and I’m passionate about cooking, books, photography and faith. On my blog you can find delicious recipes for quick and easy meals, reviews of books I’ve read, my efforts at photography, and reflections on faith. My mission is to help people create simple and delicious meals every day. I also want to help them discover new books to read and help strengthen their faith. So come on in and explore my world!

Christian. Wife. Mom. Quilter. Animal & Nature Lover.
Oh, and a Longhorn Fan. Hook 'Em!

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     Let's begin by clearing up any confusion.  Yes, cocina is Spanish, but I am not Hispanic.  My husband, however, is a first-generation Mexican-American.  He was the first to name my kitchen, Caren's Cocina. When we would be out and about, the kids, hoping for McDonald's, would ask, "Where are we eating?" His teasing reply, was invariably, "Caren's Cocina." I hope the groans that always followed weren't a reflection of my cooking!  

     Actually, it was my daughter who first suggested, "Mom, you should start a cooking blog!"

     Me: "Me! I'm not a chef!"

     Her: "No, but Millennials like me need to know how to cook regular food."

     So, here we are!  I plan on sharing some of the recipes and tips I've learned in my ahem... almost fifty years of cooking, and a lot of other stuff as well.

     My mom used to have a plaque that read No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best. I wish I had it now. Because it's so true.  Over the years, a lot has gone on in my kitchen, including sewing, scrapbooking, and lots of conversations about life and faith.  Now that we are "empty nesters," I plan on continuing all that in cyberspace via this blog.

     Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

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As an "Air Force Brat," I have lived in many different places, but found my home in Texas.  Raised by very Southern parents, no matter where we lived--Germany, England or Stateside, my mom's kitchen was the heart of our home.  There was never a problem that couldn't be faced over a cup of coffee or a sweaty glass of sweet tea. ( We never referred to tea as sweet tea. It was just tea because of course, all southern tea is sweet!)


I graduated from Southern Mississippi with a degree in music education and found my niche in San Antonio, Texas, teaching elementary music.  I also met the man who would make all my dreams come true by becoming my husband, giving me a son and a daughter and moving me to a small town where I could have horses and all the cats, dogs and any other critters I desired.

Now retired, my days are happily spent crafting, reading, writing and caring for my cat, Unicorn.  Oh, and my husband, too :-)

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Like what I have to say? Hate what I have to say?  Tell me! I'd love to hear from you!

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